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Volunteers are an important part of what makes our school a great place to learn and grow. We value and appreciate the support of our volunteers. Volunteers have various roles at our school, including:

  • School council members and participants
  • Hot lunch day organizers
  • Field trip supervisors
  • Classroom helpers

A new electronic volunteer portal and process has been created this year. 

All volunteers, please create a Community Apps Account online:

Note: each volunteer must register using a separate/individual email account. Please do not use a family email account.  
Each volunteer must have an email account and register electronically.  We are no longer able to process volunteer requests directly in the office.  A computer is available in the office, should you need one.  If you require help registering, please contact Mrs. Reed.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Create a volunteer profile – click on "School Volunteers" section, click on "Create a Volunteer"
  2. If you are a new volunteer or your Police Check is expired:
    select "No" to answer: Are you a current approved SCDSB Volunteer?
    Note: for volunteers with expired Police Check – you must still select "No" as this is a new electronic system and you have not been given a unique verification code yet.
    If you are an approved volunteer:
    select "Yes" to answer: Are you a current approved SCDSB Volunteer?
    If you are not sure if you are an approved volunteer, please contact Mrs. Reed in the office.
  3. Complete the Volunteer Profile page.
  4. Complete the Accessibility Training and Confirmation page:
    Click on the "Working Together: The Code and the AODA" to complete your volunteer training.
  5. Request your school location - only one school can be requested. Please select the school where you will be volunteering the most.
    Note: additional schools may be requested once the approval process has been completed.
  6. If you are a new volunteer or your Police Check is expired:
    Please bring the completed Police check to the office for processing.
    Please note: volunteers may not volunteer until they have been approved.  Please contact Mrs. Reed or Mrs. Owen in the office if you have any questions.
    If you are an approved volunteer:
    You will now be able to complete your annual offence declaration.  

New Volunteer Portal.pdf

How to Create a Community Apps Account.pdf

How to update your profile in the Volunteer Portal.pdf

How to reset your password in Community Apps.pdf

Volunteer Portal Offence Declaration.pdf